Walkthrough of my creative minecraft world

In this video I will be taking my first look at creative mode on minecraft xbox 360, and show you how to do certain things like flying on minecraft xbox 360….
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  1. drunkenbert says:

    yeah man miss gaming with ya. My server is up and running man but i shut it
    down sometimes. Not alot of people come and play in the server anymore.

  2. Treyswagging says:

    Ohhh to fly double tap a



  4. Mitchell Blackmon says:

    i think that he likes the word “literally”

  5. Gabe Osuna says:

    thanks man!

  6. matthew seery says:


  7. Gabe Osuna says:

    if u pause at exactly 2:26 you will see that it says their not sure 4j
    studios has removed herobrine from minecraft

  8. Marcos Moreno says:

    Oooohhhh soo thats how do that

  9. it only changes the camera angle.

  10. Yhanks a lot

  11. ridget parker says:

    Um…dude we are not stupid

  12. blrivera0401 says:

    Did anyone notice he said literally more than once???

  13. Vigorousgeck97 says:

    We are not stupid -.-

  14. XxBaconCheesexX says:


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