MULTIPLAYER MINECRAFT SURVIVAL w/ Minefirecharger & Friends! : Part 3 – David Blaine Sheep!

Introducing Part Three of a New and Exciting Minecraft Multiplayer Survival Series! If you enjoyed this Video, please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to Minefir…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

MineCraft PS3 Hunger Games Multiplayer| Pickaxe vs Diamond Sword |PVP Survival Gameplay Use Promo Code “Stealth” for 10% off Join th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Chris Schneider says:

    I want to be in your video dudes.

  2. Ender Filmz says:

    Video: all you have to do is have skype
    Me: DAMN IT!!!

  3. DiamondKing65 says:

    Can I guest?

  4. Symia Fredrick's-miller says:

    I want to be a guest I’m

  5. Bryce Zink says:

    Can I please be on with you guys I watched every video

  6. jada quinn says:

    can i PLEAS BE A GUEST

  7. gareth wardle says:

    i can dubstep if u include me

  8. Joshua Martinez says:

    Hey guys can I play I have sype

  9. Codi Stallings says:


  10. Ender Filmz says:

    Video: “you could be a gues…
    Me: CAN I BE A GUEST?!?!?

    So, can I be a guest? :D

  11. can i be a guest?

  12. Bryce Zink says:

    I like this video

  13. Joshua Martinez says:

    Can I jion I have skype

  14. Caleb Stuedemann says:

    You are awsome


  15. MrOllie Hill says:

    can i playyyyyyyyyyy

  16. Stealth says:

    thanks for watching! I might upload two videos tonight! thumbs up and
    subscribe for daily minecraft 🙂 cya later ninjas #stealtharmy 

  17. Isaac Montana says:

    cool vid

  18. Mario Lopez says:

    Add xxscooby_kushxx to play a really cool hunger games map better than this

  19. PwnyouGamers 9 says:

    Can you add me lightingmc95

  20. Brazilian Power says:

    Add m8a1_expert for minecraft hunger games

  21. MinecraftPSNgamer says:

    Add me bubba0516 please

  22. Miguel Kendrick says:

    Don’t know your psn

  23. ChaosSnipz says:

    nice vid stealth :)

  24. Cesar Martinez says:

    Add me man I got a mic soccerCHAMP2020

  25. Kieran Snook says:

    Go on sign in

  26. Miguel Kendrick says:

    Can we play together 

  27. Miguel Kendrick says:

    What’s the name of intro song

  28. The Hop says:


  29. Jabir Hussain says:

    Do you have a wooden sword hack ?? Lol

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