Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Full Adventure!

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  1. Jordan Horton says:

    I will help

  2. shearer9lewis says:

    Anyone want to make a world with me? Im very experienced at Minecraft, or
    has anyone got a community server that i can join? Much appreciated if you
    do, GT: Fat Tiote

  3. Jordan Horton says:

    Diamonds spawn on level 10 and 6

  4. Freddy McGovern says:

    add Superdremond

  5. SamLongstaffGames says:

    Ok, so I know these can be annoying but Syndicate was a big inspiration for
    me to start making videos and it would be awesome if you guys could take a
    look 😀 You wont be disappointed (I hope :P)

  6. diamonds are normally 10 above bedrock

  7. coryjay scott says:

    +Kaylee Shelton he is not Irish he’s British 

  8. I hate how you stopped the minecraft project

  9. Chase Steekamp-Peters says:

    Wow that’s long

  10. Tom Martyn says:

    And I like the way l for lee always puts cake out for breakfast yummmm

  11. Jarael Church says:

    If you join be respectful and kind too other members and we got 40 members 

  12. Reon Mckenna says:

    The adeo was crape

  13. Heather Searle says:


  14. Sean Byrne says:

    I’ll play I’m OMG ITZ D0G

  15. Chris Soldate says:

    Hi tom

  16. Leia Rowland says:

    Add Miss Faye xo please

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