Minecraft Pocket Edition Walkthrough Part 4- Starting A Tree House

OliverGamingHD Like, Subscribe, Comment Part 4 Summary: In this part of the Minecraft walkthrough we make and start a tree house and we find some coal and we…
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Another updated around the new Minecraft Pocket update 0.7.3. This includes Sun, Moon, Stars, Quartz Slab, Double Chest, Title Screen (Gasp, Welcome to Your …
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  1. Muhammad Mutahir says:

    9months ago


    It’s the last update sorry

  3. Shane Dawa says:

    My name in minecraft realm is joshane123

  4. saul ricardo mata viorato says:

    me puede aglegar en su realms porfavor saulricado es mi nombre de minecraft

  5. adminmaster55 says:


  6. Shane Dawa says:

    I have it too in android

  7. geronimofez says:

    Now, I’ve watched enough of these to know that that was definitely not andy
    robertson who was presenting as the credits say. Unless… He’s a woman
    now??? I’m so observant. Jokes guys, I know the credits are the same each
    time. It just made me laugh.

  8. Simone Peternaik says:

    How did u get realm???

  9. yadin demiraslan says:

    How to make a see

  10. Jacob Schemenauer says:


  11. FamilyGamerJordan says:

    We’re looking into what Minecraft videos to do next. Don’t worry, we
    definitely want to do some family Minecraft videos 🙂

  12. Deztroyer340 says:


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