Minecraft- pocket edition gameplay walkthrough part 1….with commentary

Sorry for the shity audio but I will be doing more videos so make sure you Like comment subscribe and favorite.
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The 0.7.3 update for PE is out now, go update it and enjoy the cool new features: Sun, Moon & Sunset Double Chest and more check it out! Please leave a like …
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  1. steve semancik says:

    I just got it

  2. sensi tivity says:

    WARNING! 20% battery. :p

  3. Tyler Nelson says:

    I was on my screen nothing on the App Store then i got it right wen it
    piped up and snap chat

  4. Its the best update ever

  5. Tyler Nelson says:


  6. Tyler Nelson says:

    Jail breaking ruins ur phone

  7. Tyler Nelson says:

    Or device

  8. Tyler Nelson says:

    Dood ur a noob caus u left part of the tree there

  9. Just came out today

  10. Tyler Nelson says:

    And I don’t jailbreak my iPhone like an idot no effence to ppl that jail
    broken there stuff

  11. Jason Tran says:

    @tyler so???

  12. Carlos Garcia says:

    I just got the update 20 minutes ago

  13. John Wolfik says:


  14. Tyler Nelson says:

    No i did

  15. Jason Tran says:

    Got the update yesterday i was the first one to update :3

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