Minecraft PE – v0.3.0 Walkthrough • Part 1

Minecraft PE - v0.3.0 Walkthrough • Part 1

This is the walkthrough part 1 of 2. I’m just showing some of the new features of v0.3.0 off! Thanks for viewing! Feel free to like the video! I really appre…


  1. how do you record yourself playing the game??

  2. JohnSalido75 says:

    Helped a lot

  3. First

  4. TheOnlyiMelody says:

    Hey if you type Tall Grass on seed you get all the animaals!

  5. :|- Starbucks

  6. I didn’t get the infinity tools because I had v0.7.1

  7. Ninjabeam's iOS Gamespot says:

    o=( ._.)=o rawr

  8. hyperhydriegon says:

    Yeah , what is the seed for

  9. Ninjabeam's iOS Gamespot says:

    yep, its just something ppl do i guess. they get a feeling of achievement
    or something

  10. Alexis Delgado says:

    Hoe did you record like that

  11. Wbbawinner says:

    I have v.6.1 it almost the same but u have nothing when u start

  12. CourtneyIzMyName13 says:

    I know a lot of people are asking this but what app do u use 2 recored your
    screen I’ve had no luck

  13. iloveminecraft4579 says:


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