A Minecraft Computer That’s So Complex it Might Overpower Your Actual Computer

Minecrafter xLPGx recently posted an update on their Minecraft Redstone computer that said it was so complex it was “starting to approach the limit of how much redstone even a powerful computer can handle.”

We believe it. The project is a heck of simulation. The computer’s features include:

28 displays (40 if you count icons and mouse display) Capable of displaying A-Z 1-9 and alot more.
4 bit Multiplication, 8 bit addition and 4 bit subtraction, square
4 commands
Music Hub currently containing three songs
Fully Functional Trivia Game with 5 questions.
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Icons to launch/enable/disable etc. programs.
14 Bytes of usable memory which you can save to/load from, technically the memory could store a maximum of 378 Bytes. (3024 bits)
(That is not including the ROM)
A full working Tic Tac Toe game with it’s own AI

You can download the world here, just be aware you need a hefty machine to make it run.

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