LET’S PLAY MINECRAFT – Survival Series with Commentary! Episode 2: Enderman Attack!

A New Let’s Play Minecraft 1.2.5 Survival Series with Commentary! I hope you guys enjoy Episode 2 of this Series, be sure to Like the video and Subscribe to …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A train station? Why not? Twitter http://twitter.com/theandaley Facebook: http://facebook.com/theandaley Thanks for watching!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. William Thomas says:

    Can i have the seed for this?

  2. Chad Kletting says:

    Your epic

  3. Jacob Holly says:

    you are lucky you diden’t get any snow

  4. Zio Chan says:


  5. Tye-Tye Robby says:

    On Xbox version it’s harder to kill a endermen for some reason I was so
    close to greeting a ender pearl but I accidentally exited the game I was
    scared lol

  6. Tye-Tye Robby says:


  7. cecil55556 says:

    Dude could u set up a server online so I can play with u because I really
    like your vids! Please reply! Many thanks if u do!! 😀

  8. Minefirecharger says:

    Haha thanks! I might be open to using DokuCraft eventually as we progress
    through the series, but for now I think I’ll stick with the Texture Pack
    I’m using until I get bored of it 😉

  9. Awesome let’s plays man 😀

  10. wsilva152 says:

    LOL, ” We got 2 ender pearls, and on the brink of cardiac arrest” xD

  11. silentninja61 says:

    Nice video dude I really enjoyed it a lot and i think the audio and
    gameplay is very good and you should keep making videos dude. Oh
    hey mind checking out my channel and telling me what you
    think.Also I liked this video:D

  12. Minefirecharger says:

    You know I will! 😉

  13. Minefirecharger says:

    Thanks BlackCow, I’ll keep ’em coming 🙂

  14. Minefirecharger says:

    I use Fraps to record my videos, it’s a great program for Minecraft Videos.

  15. TheGamingnation13 says:

    Nice! I just got an Minecraft card code for FREE! 😀 freeminecraft{dot}cc

  16. Calvin Pham says:

    can you use Doku Craft for a texture pack(sorry it wouldnt let me use link)

  17. xtrakill40 says:

    Yo people check out my channel I just started doin minecrraft vids but I’ve
    been playin for a while could use some views xtrakill40

  18. Tye-Tye Robby says:

    I also like how u don’t curse

  19. The Clever Creeper says:

    Great video! what kind of recording program do you use ? I need a good one
    for my channel =)

  20. Minefirecharger says:

    Thanks man, it’s been fun making this series so far, I’m glad you like it
    🙂 Your channel is pretty sweet as well, I like the videos. Let me know if
    you would like to collaborate sometime, we could work something out.

  21. The Clever Creeper says:

    Yea i use it as well for mine just wondering , because lots of people dont
    like it lol

  22. MrMattisonfire says:

    It’s funny when you get ambushed by creepers and endermen

  23. BlackCow481 says:

    Nice videos so far keep goin:)

  24. ZeMiner12 says:

    I hate the Spiders in Minecraft D: and in real life.

  25. jrmorel14 says:

    you know you can use flower pots now and items frames make a good
    substitute for the signs on the benches

  26. realy hatgogle says:

    ? survival its on creative

  27. lansippe says:

    This texture pack looks awesome! Love the steampunk-y feel. Good job on the
    train station. I thought maybe you can put a little fence or something
    before the engineers’ quarters so people won’t wander there? Love your
    videos as always.

  28. retrovertigo2006 says:

    In theory, watching someone build stuff in Minecraft should be extremely
    boring. But I find it fascinating and very relaxing 🙂

  29. realy hatgogle says:

    Then this isnt “really” a survival series(i just jumped in now)

  30. Andaley says:

    I can go back and forth.

  31. ForcedCookie says:

    your such a cheater!

  32. Special Rabbit says:

    Shut the fuck up, little kid. Go back to playing CoD and choking on

  33. Andaley says:

    Yeah, I’m going to do *something* with it. I just haven’t figured out what.

  34. spug bol says:

    please do a far cry 3 walk through its a great game

  35. Thefunganator says:

    you have done well on this world..also cool texture pack

  36. erick nieto says:

    24:50 made me chuckle a little bit:)

  37. realy hatgogle says:

    and if u want something walking around u can use viligers

  38. AzQtpie22 says:

    Hi, I see you like pink =D I wondered if you have tried out the texture
    pack I made with Mythra13-Cheerful Pack? It’s just been updated again &
    it’s really bright, fun and etc. You play really well too. I just played my
    1st video game ever this year, so it’s been fun learning MC Lol! I Subbed
    and LIKED!!

  39. Jayminx29 says:

    Pinks your fav color? Mine too^^ And I absolutely love the texture pack!
    Where can I get it? (I’m a complete noob when it comes to minecraft lol^^)
    I love the vid, can’t wait for the next:D

  40. Collin Cressman says:

    use glass panes as fencing it looks really good

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