You Can Play Lego Worlds Starting…..Today!


This is the fastest I’ve seen a game travel from rumor to playable product. It was only last week that a weird flyer posted on message boards was the world’s only clue that Lego might be preparing a direct strike at Minecraft with their own block-building game. Now the game is not only real, it’s already out — well, sort of.

It’s on Steam Early Access, meaning it isn’t QUITE a complete game yet, but if you don’t mind playing the test version, you can start messing with it this very day. Here is Lego’s official published description, courtesy of the Steam page the game occupies:

LEGO® Worlds is a galaxy of procedurally-generated Worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks which you can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with LEGO models. Explore each World and unlock new discoveries: from cowboys and giraffes to vampires and polar bears, to steamrollers, race cars, and colossal digging machines! Use the multi-tool to shape environments and alter any World to your liking: raise the terrain to create vast mountain ranges, or enter the Brick-by-Brick editor to build anything you can imagine. Save your creations to build with them again. LEGO Worlds enables you to populate your Worlds with many weird and wonderful characters, creatures, models, and driveable vehicles, and then play out your own unique adventures. Probably not worth upsetting the Skeletons though…

So how’s the gameplay? Nobody knows, it’s only been out for a few hours. Ask us all later. Lego Worlds will be in Steam Early Access mode through 2015, costs $14.99, and is currently only available for Windows.

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