Rampage Through Minecraft in This Giant Battle Robot


This fully controllable giant battle robot, dubbed the Mega Gargantua, is a ridiculously complex machine.

But you don’t need to be a redstone genius with 60 hours to spare like its creator Cubehamster, you can just download it here. Imagine the possibilities.

Some of the features of the battle robot include:

● Survival friendly start/stop controls
● Four Legged Dinosaur Movement (Revamped) (2+ Blocks)
● A02 Front TNT Cannon (Redesigned)
● Mounted Precision Bomber Launcher
● Sequential Tomahawk Missile Launcher
● Tank Buster Torpedo Launcher
● Deagle Semi Automatic TNT Cannon (Reload-able)
● 2x B02 Sidemounted Multi Range TNT Cannon
● Walkways Everywhere
● Sky Elevator
● Move-able storage
● Slimeblocks, Pistons & Redstone Blocks
● No Command Block & Redstone Dust

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