Notch’s New Game is About a Horse and a Ball


So what would you think Markus “Notch” Persson would make as his first commercial game since Minecraft? Would you think he’d make a game about a horse rolling a ball, that’s covered in a skin  that’s identical to the horse, around in some hills?

That’s why he’s rich and you aren’t, I guess.

Cliffhorse is now available on It’s technically free, but you can also pay for it in the cryptocurrency Dogecoin if you choose. This is the “early access” version, although in this case early access doesn’t mean there’s a promise of a finished version or indeed any more updates.

Notch created the game quickly using the Unity Engine and that engine’s free assets. The game is a parody of the horse in Skyrim’s ability to climb sheer cliffs. On Reddit Notch said he referred to Skyrim as “Cliffhorse” in a chat, was challenged to make that game, and here we are.

“I can’t believe this somehow ended up being my first commercial game after Minecraft,” Notch said on Twitter. Notch has now made at leas $100 on the game, which maybe he can use to buy some more comically over-sized sacks with dollar signs on them to store his Minecraft money in.

Notch’s comments about the game also make fun of early access Steam games and crowdfunded games, with him saying at one point that a name for the horse is a “stretch goal.”

What Cliffhorse also seems to be is a creative person stretching himself and trying out some new and weird ideas. Notch’s previous follow-up to Minecraft, 0x10c, was shelved after Notch hit a creative block, so anything to get the ideas flowing again is welcome to see.

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