Notch Buys Beverly Hills’ Priciest Mega-Mansion


So here’s what Microsoft’s money can buy.

Earlier this year Minecraft creator Markuss “Notch” Persson closed a deal to sell Mojang and Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. Now he’s made another impressive deal, reportedly outbidding Hollywood’s power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce for this $70 million mansion in Beverly Hills, according to

The mega-mansion is literally the most expensive ever sold in Beverly Hills, according to a press release from the group that sold Notch the house. Notch didn’t waffle over the buy like a peasant, either, he closed the deal in six days, making the purchase more casually than you consider your next pair of shoes.

The house is filled with luxuries like a car showroom, vodka and tequila bars, eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and a movie theater. There’s even stuff that I’m too poor to understand, like a candy room. Is that a room just for candy? A metaphor for something else rich people do? Ask Notch, I guess.

The house was also filled with tons of tacky celebrity kitsch like towers of M&Ms, James Bond memorabilia and a replica of James Dean’s motorcycle. Instead of asking for that to be destroyed in the name of good taste, Notch bought it too.

Notch sent out this tweet of himself enjoying his new house:

Notch is no stranger to throwing his money around. He already owns the most expensive apartment in Sweden. He also spent $46,300 for one record, a rare pressing of the Aphex Twin album “Caustic Window.”

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