Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode Finally Coming To Wii U: Details Here


When Minecraft: Story Mode launched last year as part one of a five part episodic release, people noted that it was being made available for every console but Wii U and wondered when the snubbing of Nintendo was going to end. The snub for Minecraft proper ended late last year when a version of the block-builder was at last made playable on the underappreciated console. Now Minecraft: Story Mode has been announced for Wii U as well…but is it too late?

Minecraft has had no problem selling on Wii U (which perhaps convinced Telltale to do this). But Story Mode is an offshoot that’s nearly completed its run everywhere else. Why would anyone with access to even one other machine the game is playable on choose to wait? The issue could be resolved if all five parts were made available at once, similarly to how Wii U Minecraft came complete with a set of DLC packs that everyone else had to purchase separately. BUT Telltale says players will have to wait for those other parts as well — only Part One will be available for Wii U for the time being, WHILE the fifth and final part becomes available on all other outlets. The price will also remain the same — $4.99 individually, $19.99 for the Season Pass. What could possibly hinder sales?

Telltale offered no explanation in their press release for why this release schedule is so glaringly bad, nor what the delay was for in the first place. But they did mention Minecraft: Story Mode would support off-TV play, so you can play it while the TV is being used for another purpose. …Unless you have the tablet version; then you could always do that. Minecraft: Story Mode makes its Wii U premiere on January 21.

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