Minecraft Snapshots

Gallery of Amazing Minecraft Creations


Gamespot has posted a gallery of 17 of the most mindblowing, painstakingly created, intricate and time-wasting Minecraft constructions ever to grace the Web. The gallery includes:

A recreation of downtown Los Angeles with every skyscraper furnished

An exact replica (albeit slightly blocky) of the ancient Acropolis in Athens

Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64

The entire Candy Kingdom from Adventure Time

An attempt by 125 Minecrafters and Game of Thrones fans to recreate the entirety of Westeros in Minecraft blocks

A recreation of the world in Myst

The City of the Kings, Minas Tirith, from Lord of the Rings

A lifesize model of the Battlestar Galactica ship that took nearly half a year to create

And more! Get to gawking!

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