Minecraft Merchandise

This Wearable Plays Minecraft


Among the growing marketplace of arm candies that do electronic things is the Gameband + Minecraft, a new wearable from the Gameband company specifically devoted to the block-mining game.

A full version of Minecraft is installed to the wearable and can be accessed by any USB-accepting computer running any operating system — Windows, Mac or Linux. It stores saves and other data in the cloud and when it’s not doing anything else, it tells time on your wrist. It’s mainly being marketed to children, though they tend to carry Minecraft-playing devices with them at all times anyway.

The Gameband + Minecraft wearable has an MSRP of $80 (though you may be able to find it cheaper) and is available this very second at most Target, Gamestop and Best Buy outlets. If you need to see more, here’s an ad embedded below.


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