Dragon Quest Builders

US Release Confirmed For Dragon Quest Builders


Square-Enix confirmed today that Dragon Quest Builders would be published in the Western market. This is not a main Dragon Quest game, but a side spinoff that borrows just about everything from Minecraft. They released a new trailer too:

What’s most interesting about this game is the manner in which they’ve tied it to the main series. In the original Dragon Quest, you were asked at one point by the game’s villain to bow down and serve him. You had the option of saying “yes,” but if you did you got an instant Game Over (that’ll teach you!) The backstory of Dragon Quest Builders is based off this bad ending — and is surprisingly lighthearted for it.

Yes, the protagonist of the original Dragon Quest turned evil and destroyed the kingdom, but the good news is that it’s rebuildable. You’ll be doing the rebuilding, in any shape you want. And you’ll be gathering the materials in a familiar manner. Unlike Minecraft, however, you won’t just be able to do whatever you want — you’ll have objectives and tasks that need to be filled.

Dragon Quest Builders will be released this October for the Playstation 4 and, surprise, the PS Vita. The Vita version will be digital-only, however.

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