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You Could Spend Hours Looking Through These Floating Island Contest Entries



Planet Minecraft is now judging entries for its “Head Into The Clouds” contest, and I think they’re going to have a tough time because there are so many awesome builds to choose from.

The contest centers around modifying Planet Minecraft’s own custom floating island map. No texture packs were allowed except for the default, although shader mods were allowed for the screenshots.

The resulting 207 entries can be pretty wild, as users have let their creativity run free.

Pandora’s Blocks Hearthveil entry, which you can see a video of at the top of the page, recreates the island as a paradise with floating whales and ships, fantastic architecture, and strange golems.

Others are a little less sublime and more silly, like the Godzilla Attack video linked above.

We’ve included an album of some of the coolest builds, but there are way too many to show here. The best part is that you can download all of them. Go to the contest page and start browsing.

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