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Halloween Texture Pack Comes to PlayStation a Little Late, or Really Early, Depending on How You Look at It


It’s just about three weeks since Halloween, but if you’re still feeling in the spirit, 4J Studios has announced on Twitter that the free Minecraft Halloween texture pack that appeared on Xbox systems before Halloween is now available for all PlayStation systems.

4J had a sense of humor about announcing the late pack. This is how it worded its tweet.

The FREE Halloween Texture Pack is now available on all Sony platforms just a little bit early for Halloween 2015 😉 Get it while you can!

The Halloween pack adds lots of creepy customization options, including the ability to turn Endermen into something that looks a lot like urban legend Slender Man.

Xbox players also got a paid Steampunk pack that 4J said should be coming to PlayStation some time in November. It hasn’t been given an exact date yet.

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