Two Big Bad Bosses Being Added To Minecraft Pocket Edition

The cell phone Pocket Edition and the free Windows 10 edition of Minecraft both contain special features the regular game doesn’t, but they’re also missing a lot of features of the full Minecraft. An impending update won’t solve that problem, but it’ll come two steps closer. The bosses known as the Elder Guardian and the […]

There Are Witches In Minecraft Now

We have full details on the new content Microsoft is putting into the free update planned for the Windows 10 and mobile versions of Minecraft. What we can’t tell you for sure is if this material will make it to the other versions, but given their userbase is far larger, I see no reason to […]

New “Journey To The West” Skin Pack Brings Chinese Fable To Blocky Life

It’s the Chinese New Year, and Minecraft is celebrating with a new skin pack based on Journey to the West, the old Chinese fable. The pack contains a total of 15 characters from the story: Black Wind Demon Bull Demon King Friar Sand Guanyin Jade Emperor Lady Earth Flow Lord Hundred-Eyes Monk Pig Monkey King […]

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