Parts Of PC Minecraft Have Changed A Bit

Mojang has introduced another update to the original Minecraft. Some big additions are on the way, though we don’t know what they are (Minecon is next month; we’ll undoubtedly learn something then). Below you will find the latest changelog, otherwise technically known as Snapshot 16W32A. Have fun and keep mining.   Wither Skeletons can now […]

Performance Updates, Banners Added in Latest Snapshot

Do you love low framerates? Do you think it makes it better and more challenging to hit a zombie when you can barely move? Then you’ll hate the latest Minecraft snapshot from Mojang, 14w30C,¬†which makes “major optimizations” to the client rendering, which should make the game smoother. The snapshot also includes a new feature, banners. […]

Fun Things to Do With Minecraft’s New Guardian Mob

With every new addition to Minecraft comes even more opportunities to be creative and use the new assets in unusual ways. And that’s what people have done in the couple of days since the new snapshot with water temples, sponges, and the underwater hostile Guardian mob was released. As you can see in the video […]

New Snapshot Adds Underwater Mob and More

Yesterday Mojang release a new snapshot for Minecraft 1.8 that adds a lot of fixes and a lot of fun new content, mostly centered around water. The most obviously new element is a new hostile water mob, called a Guardian. The Guardian is, well, it’s kind of a fish, sort of, with spikes and one […]

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