Minecraft Vita Shown at Tokyo Game Show

Gaming journalists were given some hands-on time with Minecraft for PlayStation Vita at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. Kotaku’s Toshi Nakamura said he got to spend about 10 minutes with the demo, which he spent blowing things up with explosives. A lot of explosives and debris made the frame rate chug, but there wasn’t enough […]

PlayStation 4 Minecraft Out Today

Although the Xbox One version of Minecraft was announced as coming out first, it looks like the PlayStation 4 version is going to beat it to the punch. Sony announced the PS4 version will be out today, Sept. 4, with the Xbox One version following Sept. 5. You can download the new games from the […]

Minecraft PlayStation Vita Trailer Released

Sony has released a new trailer showing off Minecraft on PlayStation Vita. It looks quite similar to the PlayStation 3 version, which makes sense considering it will be a Cross-Buy title with that version with compatible saves. The video shows off some building and multiplayer action, as well as some PlayStation focused constructions. The PlayStation […]

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