Enjoy Free Minecraft Skins On XBox This Week

For the most part Microsoft has been allowing Minecraft to remain a multiplatform experience, and the game continues to be updated and sold for their rival consoles and companies. There are perks to being within the inner circle, however. If you’re playing Minecraft on an XBox One or an XBox 360, you will be able […]

Today In Minecraft, Steve Is Joined By Alex

As of today, Mojang’s latest update to Minecraft on consoles will contain – -for the first time — a new central character. The original Minecraft character you control was never given a name and depicted vaguely enough to be interpreted as gender-neutral (Mojang’s intent). But eventually, as the game grew in popularity, a name for […]

Simpsons DLC Coming To PS4 Minecraft

Last February a special Simpsons-themed DLC pack became available to Minecraft players on XBox consoles (360 and One). But the exclusivity period is over and the pack will be coming to Sony consoles later this week. Here’s everyone you get: Homer Simpson Marge Simpson Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Maggie Simpson Principal Seymour Skinner Mrs. Edna […]

Massive Minecraft Titan City Nears Completion

If you have trouble making a mud hut that doesn’t appear lopsided, this is not going to make you feel better about yourself. Fox Gaming has nearly completed his massive Titan City building project. It took two years and includes 4.5 million blocks, all of which he placed by hand. Because he built the whole […]

Doctor Who Minecraft Coaster is Bigger on the Inside

The first set of Doctor Who skins are out now for Xbox 360, bringing a bunch of doctors, companions and Doctor Who baddies into the game. Nuropsych1 must have gotten their hands on them very early. Because it must have taken forever to build this insane, psychedelic Doctor Who Minecraft Coaster on the 360. Is […]

Xbox 360 Minecraft Getting Dr. Who Skins

What could be more British than putting Great Britain in Minecraft? How about adding Dr. Who? According to the BBC, Dr. Who skins will be coming to the Xbox 360 version of the game in September. The pack will costs $2.99 and include The Twelfth Doctor, five other Doctors, each Doctor’s companions, and some enemies […]

Xbox 360 Skin Pack 6 Coming June 25

  The sixth skin pack for Xbox 360 Minecraft will be released tomorrow, June 25, by 4J studios, according to IGN. We know the pack will contain characters from Trials Fusion, State of Decay, Mirror’s Edge (at least Faith), Super Time Force, Killer Instinct, and Dragon Age. It’s a nice big roster, and there might […]

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