Biggest Minecraft (Console) Update EVER, Says Microsoft

Today on their XBox blog, Microsoft bragged they were launching their biggest console-specific Minecraft update EVER. This update adds a lot of the content that debuted on the PC version not too long ago, including the all-important addition of random bunnies in the field. There are also new areas, new types of blocks and fresh […]

Episode 3 Of Minecraft: Story Mode Is Out Today

We’re over the hump now. Telltale Games’ blocky narrative is halfway to its conclusion with the official release of Part 3 in its five part tale chronicling the search for the Order of the Stone. If you already own Minecraft: Story Mode for Playstation consoles, XBox consoles or PC, the new chapter should be waiting […]

Worlds Of Minecraft And Halo Merge

Guess who has a new Halo game about to come out? Microsoft. And guess who owns Minecraft? Microsoft again. Synergy time! This Friday, October 23, the XBox One and XBox 360 versions of Minecraft will get a new Halo 5-themed pack featuring Master Chief and Spartan Locke skins, as well as skins for other major […]

Reviewers Fairly Kind On Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode came out this week….or rather, the first installment of a five-episode series came out. Reviews say the game isn’t perfect, but so far it’s good enough for them. Justin Davis of IGN game the game a 7.3 out of 10 and said, “”Minecraft: Story Mode is a pleasant, family-friendly adventure that very […]

New Minecraft Story Mode Trailer, Hollywood Premiere Announced

Minecraft Story Mode, the new Minecraft spinoff created by Telltale Games, will be for sale in less than two weeks. Well…one-fifth of it will be for sale. If you’ve never played a Telltale game before, they usually divide their releases into chapters and release them one chunk at a time. How will this work with […]

Lego Dimensions’ New Scooby-Doo Trailer

It’s not news that Scooby-Doo is one of the launch properties for WB Interactive’s new game Lego Dimensions. This was known from the beginning, and why wouldn’t it happen? Since Scooby-Doo is a property WB owns outright, the use costs them nothing. They’ve gone the extra mile here of animating a cartoon short to promote […]

New Lego Dimensions Trailers: Portal And Doctor Who

Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games have released two new trailers relating to their Lego-themed collision of various properties, much of them WB-owned, but in some cases not. These are two of the “not” cases: the BBC’s Doctor Who and Valve’s Portal. The Portal set and characters introduce a series of “tests” to Lego Dimensions. […]

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