Two Big Bad Bosses Being Added To Minecraft Pocket Edition

The cell phone Pocket Edition and the free Windows 10 edition of Minecraft both contain special features the regular game doesn’t, but they’re also missing a lot of features of the full Minecraft. An impending update won’t solve that problem, but it’ll come two steps closer. The bosses known as the Elder Guardian and the […]

Minecraft Coming To Oculus Rift Very Soon Now

Yesterday the Windows 10 version of Minecraft turned one year old. Today Mojang announced this version of the game would be getting Oculus Rift support within the next few weeks. “This morning we celebrated the first anniversary of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta,” said Jesse Merriam of Mojang, “Since the Windows 10 Edition released last […]

Minecraft’s Windows 10 Update Is Out Today

Microsoft announced today that Mojang’s first big update to the popular Minecraft game in the year 2016 is downloadable now. This is the one with witches in it, remember? Unfortunately the update only applies to the Windows 10 and mobile versions, with no word from the big company as to when this stuff will appear […]

New Minecraft Update Adds Blocky Bunnies To The Landscape

There’s a new update available for the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition versions of Minecraft, and it adds bunnies to the game. That would satisfy anyone, but they went further. In addition to rabbits, you can also finally mine redstone in these versions of the game, expanding creation abilties. Here’s Microsoft’s official description of everything […]

The Free Windows 10 Version Of Minecraft Launches Tomorrow

In honor of the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is launching a free version of Minecraft tomorrow. There’s only one catch — you, uh, kinda need Windows 10 to get it. For those who don’t have Minecraft yet, free is a very good price to start out with. But it comes with the insecurity of […]

Windows 10 Will Get Its Own Version of Minecraft

This weekend at Minecon 2015 in London, Microsoft announced that when Windows 10 launches later this month, it will coincide with the launch of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, an exclusive version of the game for that OS only. What sets this one apart from the traditional PC version is how it takes advantage of […]

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