Supergirl Comes To Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

Supergirl is being added to the wide cast of licensed characters that make up Lego Dimensions, but not in the way you might assume. Until now additional characters have been made available to everyone in the form of add-on packs, but that’s not what WB Interactive is doing with Supergirl. For some reason they’re adding […]

Release Date Revealed For The Minecraft Movie

The Minecraft movie is still in production, and as of this week, Warner Bros. has announced when they plan to release it: three years from now. You can watch block-building and zombie-axing onscreen, plus whatever they cobble together to make a plot, on May 24, 2019. And there WILL be an IMAX run. WB hasn’t […]

Three Doctors Collide In New Lego Dimensions Trailer

Lego Dimensions has a new expansion pack out, with figures to match…it adds Ghostbusters characters to the growing multi-company IP mashup. To call attention, WB Games has released this new trailer showing what happens when three different Doctors finally meet. It’s worth nothing that despite all holding the title Dr, none of these guys ever […]

Bedrock and The Jetsons’ Home Hidden In Lego Dimensions

Turns out the abode of a certain modern stone-age family, plus another dwelling belonging to an even more modern-type family, have been hidden in Lego Dimensions since the beginning — no one knew because they’ve been unlocked by an expansion pack. To visit them, the Doctor Who set is the pack you need. Then you’ll […]

The Ghostbusters Join Lego Dimensions

Not the “new” Melissa McCarthy-helmed Ghostbusters….I’m talking about the original guys! The Ghostbusters franchise will be added to Lego Dimensions with some new sets and packs. WB Interactive announced the upcoming release recently at Gamescom. The bustin’ action will roll out as follows: two “fun packs” will be released, one themed around Slimer (with a […]

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