Lego Dimensions Introduces Supergirl, Supergirl Introduces ET

Lego Dimensions will be adding some extraterrestrial characters to the game soon, some of which literally carry the moniker as their names. In the second installment of Meet That Hero, Supergirl arrives from Krypton and introduces herself, followed by her own introduction to ET (since he can’t talk that well). ET hasn’t had the greatest […]

Supergirl Comes To Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

Supergirl is being added to the wide cast of licensed characters that make up Lego Dimensions, but not in the way you might assume. Until now additional characters have been made available to everyone in the form of add-on packs, but that’s not what WB Interactive is doing with Supergirl. For some reason they’re adding […]

Bedrock and The Jetsons’ Home Hidden In Lego Dimensions

Turns out the abode of a certain modern stone-age family, plus another dwelling belonging to an even more modern-type family, have been hidden in Lego Dimensions since the beginning — no one knew because they’ve been unlocked by an expansion pack. To visit them, the Doctor Who set is the pack you need. Then you’ll […]

Lego Dimensions Could Go On For At Least Three Years

Last weekend at EGX 2015, Mark Warburton of developer TT Games, the studio that created Lego Dimensions for WB Interactive, told reporters they intend to support the game for a long time. At least until 2018, he hopes. “We have a three year plan at the moment and we’ve got no intention of stopping there,” […]

There’s A Backstory Behind Lego Dimensions, And Here It is

Lego Dimensions doesn’t seem like the kind of thing where you really need a backstory. There’s all these characters from various separate properties, they’re Lego figures, and they’re appearing together in the same world. It’s interesting enough that no one cares how it happened. It just DID, right? WB Interactive showed off a new trailer […]

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