Supergirl Comes To Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

Supergirl is being added to the wide cast of licensed characters that make up Lego Dimensions, but not in the way you might assume. Until now additional characters have been made available to everyone in the form of add-on packs, but that’s not what WB Interactive is doing with Supergirl. For some reason they’re adding […]

Lego Dimensions Adds Final Level Pack

The last level pack for Lego Dimensions comes out today, and it’s an interesting one. It’s the Midway Arcade Level Pack, and it adds elements from 20 arcade games under the old Midway banner — its assets were purchased by Warner Bros. after they went out of business, you see. The pack comes with an […]

Three Doctors Collide In New Lego Dimensions Trailer

Lego Dimensions has a new expansion pack out, with figures to match…it adds Ghostbusters characters to the growing multi-company IP mashup. To call attention, WB Games has released this new trailer showing what happens when three different Doctors finally meet. It’s worth nothing that despite all holding the title Dr, none of these guys ever […]

Here’s How Lego Dimensions Works

Lego and WB Games have now revealed a game called Lego Worlds that allows players to finally construct their own vehicles, buildings, mountains and whatever else out of virtual Lego bricks…..sort of like a famous pixelly franchise every kid in the country is familiar with. Well, better late than never. But if that’s the Minecraft […]

Could Minecraft Soon Have Direct Competition From Lego?

The concepts shared between Minecraft and Lego are so similar one has to wonder why the Denmark-based company didn’t put together their own direct Minecraft ripoff before now. But it looks like they’re thinking about it. According to this flyer discovered by someone on the Eurobricks forum, WB Games could be readying up to produce […]

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