It Was Inevitable: Sony Announces Their Own Minecraft Ripoff

Sony has been revealing several new games today at a press conference in France. It’s all part of the country’s own E3, referred to as Paris Games Week. Among other announcements, Sony revealed a game called Boundless that bares more than a passing resemblance to Minecraft. Granted, right now we don’t know what the gameplay […]

Epic Minecraft Coaster, Made in Survival

Cranser spent nine months building and fine-tuning this roller coaster running through a survival world, ending up with an epic six minute ride. There’s a lot to take in on Cranser’s coaster, which heads through a snowy area, to underground, through trees, a replica Nether and even underwater. There are many little twists and turns […]

More Than 47 Billion Views For Minecraft Videos

Sometimes it seems like Minecraft videos are a bigger industry than the game itself. A new survey shows just how big vids are, claiming that Minecraft videos have been viewed 47 billion times. The data comes from a report by online video firm Octoly. According to The Guardian, Octoly claims more than 147,000 creator channels […]

Minecraft Servers Look So Busy From Above

Look at all the tiny Minecraft people, going about their tiny Minecraft days. A tilt-shift is a popular photographic technique that uses angles and selective focus and is often used to create the effect that something being looked down on above is actually a miniature. It can be faked digitally, as Kaybl3 has done in […]

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