Functional Cell Phone Built In Minecraft

Is this something or what? You’re looking at a fully functional cell phone built into the Minecraft world. Not only can it really take calls, it’s capable of video conferencing and it can browse the Internet (though good luck making anything out). It was shown off during a video by Jordan Maron, aka “CaptainSparklez,” one […]

It Was Inevitable: Sony Announces Their Own Minecraft Ripoff

Sony has been revealing several new games today at a press conference in France. It’s all part of the country’s own E3, referred to as Paris Games Week. Among other announcements, Sony revealed a game called Boundless that bares more than a passing resemblance to Minecraft. Granted, right now we don’t know what the gameplay […]

Minecraft Livestream Captures Live House Fire

There lives in Japan a man by the handle Daasuke who likes to stream his Minecraft games. One day, he decided to pause his game so he could show his viewers and followers the new oil-match lighter he just bought. Unsure how to use this particular kind of lighter, he filled the thing up with […]

Mod Turns Minecart Ride Into Psychedelic Trip

Here’s an impressive video taken from the perspective of a Minecraft minecart. YouTube user BruceKnowsHow could have just made a simple rollercoaster track, but he felt he had to go above and beyond. He installed mods that distorted, twisted and blurred the landscape as you zoomed past it, and he timed certain graphical effects (like […]

New Lego Dimensions Trailer Shows Off Massive Voice Cast

This new trailer for Lego Dimensions focuses on the voice cast WB Interactive has managed to round up for the game — and it is HUGE. Every character from The Lego Movie except for Will Arnett’s Batman will be voiced by their original player, and this includes Chris Pratt as Emmet — who will also […]

A Minecraft Love Story in ‘Tree Punch Love’

Here’s a very cute video about two people that make a connection through multi-player Minecraft. That is the point, after all. Obviously, it’s not that likely in real-life that the cute avatar you see with green hair will actually correspond to a real life cute girl with green hair. The same with cute boy avatars. […]

Time-Lapse World Generation is a Thing of Psychedelic Beauty

Whoa, man, the world is made of Jello! YouTuber pi314159265358978 wanted to test out the new world customization features added in Minecraft’s 1.8 update, so he created this “time-lapse” video testing the settings and watching how they affect the world. Although the general placement of the biomes stays the same, changing various settings makes drastic […]

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