Michael’s House: A Little Slice of Grand Theft Auto V in Minecraft

YouTuber Keralis stumbled upon a very familiar house when exploring Minecraft. To be sure it was what it seemed to be, all they had to do was check the front gate, which was helpfully labeled with a sign that said it was Michael’s house from Grand Theft Auto V, created by a Minecraft player named […]

Surfin’ Minecraft Style

In this video from JC Sheffield, a group builds a towering cube of water. What to do with it? Break it open and surf the waves, man. The results are kind of amazing, despite lots of lag. Impressively this whole thing was done in vanilla Minecraft.

Do You Wanna’ Build a Giant Ice Palace? A Minecraft Tribute to Frozen

  Now here’s something to thaw your frozen heart. The Ice Palace from Disney’s Frozen, remade in Minecraft. Looks like it would be a bit of a chilly residence, but the cold never bothered me anyway. For the first time in forever I’m really impressed with a Disney Minecraft project. This project was created by […]

Explore Atropos, The Turtle That Carries a City

This is a giant turtle. A giant mechanical turtle. With a city on its back.   And that’s why Minecraft might be the best game ever created, your creativity isn’t bound by silly things like nature and science. Minecraft gives you the tools and says “Go nuts!” The turtle, Atropos, took CARLOOO five months to build. But […]

Minecraft Oil Refinery Looks So Real You Can See the Pollution

A lot of Minecraft builders build fantasy scenes. Not Sifrank and Yazur. It’s cold, hard industrial reality for them. Yazur recently shared this oil refinery on his deviantART page and I have to say, it’s impressive. It even comes complete with trucks and a dark, smog blackened sky. Yazur said he actually studied videos of […]

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