Pac-Man Remade Within Minecraft

This Pac-Man video is more than just a clever animation, this is the actual game with realistic AI programmed into Minecraft. Made by Magib1, this Minecraft version of Pac-Man seeks to replicate the same behaviors in the original game. It uses a lot of command blocks, so many that Magib1 says that when he eventually […]

You’ll Love Minecraft’s Version of LA

Welcome to Los Angelcraft, a Minecraft city that attempts to capture the feel of Los Angeles, California. This sprawling city by Fujiwara1990 is huge, and even though it’s not meant to be an exact recreation it does a decent job of capturing the look of the city of angels. Despite the fact that its creator […]

Minecraft Meets its Destiny in Crota’s End Remake

This obsessively accurate Minecraft recreation of Destiny’s toughest raid, Crota’s End, almost has us scared to play. For those who haven’t checked out Destiny yet, Crota’s End is meant to be one of the game’s ultimate challenges. It’s a tough raid that can take hours to complete, even if you have a good team and […]

A Minecraft Computer That’s So Complex it Might Overpower Your Actual Computer

Minecrafter xLPGx recently posted an update on their Minecraft Redstone computer that said it was so complex it was “starting to approach the limit of how much redstone even a powerful computer can handle.” We believe it. The project is a heck of simulation. The computer’s features include: 28 displays (40 if you count icons […]

Futurama’s Bender is Impressively Large and Shiny in Timelapse Build

Theoretically, propank wanted to bite Bender’s shiny metal ass, as the character always directs us to with his catchphrase on Futurama, but noticed that Bender is a fictional character and thus does not exist. Normal people would give up and go do something else at this point. But Minecrafters don’t let reality get them down. […]

Glaciologist Recreates Antarctica in Minecraft

Martin O’Leary, a glaciologist from Swansea University in the UK, recreated the continent of Antarctica in Minecraft. Yes, the whole thing. O’Leary’s version is at 1:1000 scale, but considering how large Antarctica is, that’s still impressive. It recreates the continent and the outlying islands using data from the Bedmap2 mapping project. O’Leary told Wired UK […]

Redstone Word Processor Built in Minecraft

Every time you think you’ve seen everything that can be done in Minecraft, some crazy project comes along and surprises you. The latest gobsmack is a functional word processor. Koala_Steamed worked on it for two years. The processor can load files from memory; uses uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols; and has a 5×10, 50 character […]

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