Working Game Boy Advance Built In Minecraft

A fully functional Game Boy Advance, running Pokemon Fire Red, has been constructed in Minecraft now. It won’t be long before cold fusion is achieved through this game. This is not a mod. Redditor Requag used lots and lots of structure blocks to get a version of Fire Red running in this universe. No easy […]

THIS Is A Minecraft Map, No Fooling

Believe it or not, this incredibly gorgeous and detailed landmass was created with Minecraft blocks. Many, many, many Minecraft blocks. The map’s full name is “Phain, Or Game Board Of The Ancients.” It was created by Darastlix, who’s made a few other stunning Minecraft maps before — this is his sixth. This aerial view shows […]

How Would Minecraft Look Rendered In Unreal 4? Like This

Coder John Alcatraz has created a Minecraft demo, “Infinite Voxel World,” running in Unreal Engine 4. It only has the most basic of mechanics functional, but it works. And, as Alcatraz tells it, it became Minecraft completely by accident. While it’s looking similar to Minecraft, my intention was not to create a game similar to […]

Minecrafter Creates Exact Replica Of Disney Cruise Ship

You can pay hundreds of dollars for the right to visit a cruise ship owned by a major entertainment conglomerate, and risk picking the one week where a nasty virus spreads throughout the ship, or you can visit a Disney Cruise Ship in Minecraft and save your money and health. The visuals may be significantly […]

Wow: Entire Grand Theft Auto V Map Being Recreated In Minecraft

For over a year now, a team of Minecrafters has been working in secret, pulling together the massive task of reproducing the entire Grand Theft Auto V map, with EVERYTHING, in Minecraft. It was started in January 2015 and is now quite huge. The finished project will include the entire area, including every building and […]

Minecrafter Spends All Of 2015 Creating Scale Model Of Chicago

Redditor lukep393 started creating this scale model of Chicago, Illinois in January of 2015. Now, as both the model and the year near completion, he’s been posting updates to the Minecraft Reddit forum along with dozens of pictures. It’s pretty much complete now, and just look at it: There wasn’t any help or assistance involved, […]

Functional Cell Phone Built In Minecraft

Is this something or what? You’re looking at a fully functional cell phone built into the Minecraft world. Not only can it really take calls, it’s capable of video conferencing and it can browse the Internet (though good luck making anything out). It was shown off during a video by Jordan Maron, aka “CaptainSparklez,” one […]

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