Mojang Reveals Minecraft Update 1.9

Update 1.9, AKA Snapshot 15w31a, was unveiled by Mojang today. They promised they would do it soon, and they also promised a number of features beforehand that are indeed making it in. There is so much in the update that we can’t possibly recount it all, even if we tried (and we can’t try because […]

Minecraft by the (Version) Numbers in a Neat Infographic

Below you’ll find a cool infographic that breaks down all the major changes to Minecraft since the official release, update by update. We’ve come a long way, baby. This infographic was created by the site

Minecraft is About to Get Much Cuter With Upcoming Rabbit Mob

Minecraft recently added a new hostile, ugly mob with the underwater Guardian. But how about a much cuter mob? TheMogMiner (Mojang engineer and developer Ryan Holtz) is working on adding fuzzy little rabbits to the game, as you can see in the video. TheMogMiner has said that rabbits will have varied textures, not just the […]

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