Minecraft Sells 20 Million Copies; Update Coming Soon

Over 20 million gamers and hobbyists now own Minecraft for PC. The official Minecraft website features a counter that keeps track of how many people have bought the game. Earlier today, that number finally topped 20 million. This isn’t even counting the people who own a version of the game that runs on a console […]

Minecraft 1.8.3 Update Out Now, Fixes Major Bug

Mojang pushed out a brand new stability and performance update for Minecraft on PC yesterday. And that seriously broke the stability and performance of the game. So today they’ve pushed out an update fixing the update. The 1.8.3 update fixes a “serious bug” that could cause crashes on world load, according to Mojang. You can […]

Minecraft Update for PC Coming Thursday

Mojang Developer Jens Bergensten recently tweeted that the PC version of Minecraft will be updated to 1.8.2 on Thursday. The update is mostly for stability and performance issues. Gotta squash those bugs. The things being fixed range from the mundane, like non-ASCII characters being rendered wrong, to the bizarre, like baby cows being milkable. Yesterday […]

Minecraft Pocket Editon 0.10 Update Out Now

Minecraft gaming on the go just got quite a bit prettier, as the latest update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now out on iOS and Android. The new includes a number of performance improvements. It also adds a day and night cycle in creative, tinted lighting, better-looking fog, a brightness toggle and much nicer looking […]

Latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update Will Be Submitted to Apple Today

According to Mojang developer Johan Bernhardsson, version 0.10.0 of Minecraft: Pocket Edition should be on its way to you soon. Bernhardsson tweeted that the eighth build of the new version was completed and should go to Apple for testing Tuesday. If approved by Apple it should be available for download soon, although it depends on […]

Big Update Coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition Thursday

Minecraft Pocket Edition will get its biggest ever update this Thursday, July 10. The 0.90 update comes with a long list of features and enhancements, some of which, like infinite worlds, are even ahead of the console versions. According to Mojang, the update includes: • Infinite worlds! • Caves! • Loads of new blocks and items including Monster […]

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.7.0 Review/Walkthrough

Minecraft Pocket Editon Update 0.7.0: Hello everyone! Today, Minecraft Pocket edition update 0.7.0 came out. This is a review on all it’s new features. Bugs:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Minecraft pe: tutorials ep:4 – gameplay/walkthrough/tutorials how to build a nice house hey guys and welcome back to minecraft pe tutorials (minecraft pocket… Video Rating: […]

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