Parts Of PC Minecraft Have Changed A Bit

Mojang has introduced another update to the original Minecraft. Some big additions are on the way, though we don’t know what they are (Minecon is next month; we’ll undoubtedly learn something then). Below you will find the latest changelog, otherwise technically known as Snapshot 16W32A. Have fun and keep mining.   Wither Skeletons can now […]

Minecraft Receives “Frostburn Update”

Mojang announced this week that Minecraft has been newly updated to version 1.10. Will you notice any changes? That depends on if you plan to go anywhere hot or cold. The so-named “Frostburn Update” makes visual and technical adjustments to the hottest and coldest worlds. For example, if you venture into a chilly area now, […]

As Of Update 1.9, Combat Is Different In Minecraft

Until now, fighting in Minecraft was as simple as the repeated press of a button, but Mojang has now spiced that up. The new Update 1.9 adds a “cool-down” period for sword strikes, meaning you can’t just whack at things — you’ll need a battle strategy now. You’ll have help — players will be able […]

Minecraft On Wii U Updated With Free DLC Content

Microsoft and Mojang seem to be saving the biggest updates for the Windows 10 version of the game (no surprise there) but they haven’t forgotten the Nintendo faithful…at least not recently. A major update was announced for the Wii U version of the game today, and most of the new content is free! Players of […]

There Are Witches In Minecraft Now

We have full details on the new content Microsoft is putting into the free update planned for the Windows 10 and mobile versions of Minecraft. What we can’t tell you for sure is if this material will make it to the other versions, but given their userbase is far larger, I see no reason to […]

Coming To Minecraft: The Flying Cape

How many of you have played Super Mario 64? Show of hands……okay, good. Those of you who didn’t raise your hand, go find Super Mario 64 and play it before you read the rest of this. Got it? Did you play it? Okay, good, let’s continue. That wing cap was something else, wasn’t it? How’d […]

The First Look At Minecraft 1.9 Is Coming Soon

Nathan Adams, Mojang employee and the #1 social media liaison between the makers of Minecraft and their fans, has confirmed via tweet that the world’s first snapshot of the game’s next big update, Minecraft 1.9, will be unveiled on July 29. Adams had originally promised to start releasing screenshots THIS week, but he explained the […]

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