Minecraft: PE Will Feature Better Boats

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has a lot of features missing from the PC version of the game. But here’s one step where it will be ahead, at least for a while. Better boat technology. Mojang Developer Tommaso Checchi posted the screenshot above today with the caption “Now that’s better :)” As you can see, it features […]

Steve Gets a Little Mixed Up on Latest ‘Will it Blend?’

Will it Blend?, if you haven’t seen it, is a show about a guy putting various things in blenders to see if he can blend them. That’s it, that’s the whole deal. In this episode his victims are an Elsa doll from Frozen, an Elf on the Shelf, and the Spin Master six-inch vinyl Diamond […]

It’s Steve vs. Mario in This Video Battle Royale

Is Steve a video game icon on the level of Mario? Mario’s got a headstart, but Steve is getting there. This live-action video from andrewmfilms pits them against each other in an epic fight. The reason barely makes sense and doesn’t matter. Steve gets in several good licks with inventive gadgets and techniques that’ll be […]

An Unvarnished Look at How the Minecraft Creatures View Steve

This Minecraft video is short and to the point, but it says lot more about the way we play in 20 seconds than a lot of YouTube series gets around to in 100 episodes. It’s also hilariously realistic. Watch as Steve encounters an idyllic world. Then rampages through that world, taking what he wants and […]

Girly Man Arms For Steve May Be Future Minecraft Option

I think about Steve a lot, but I’ve never thought “His arms are too fat.” Apparently some people do? Anyway, Mojang’s┬áJens Bergensten has revealed viat Twitter a possible new feature, an optional character model with arms that are only three pixels wide instead of Steve’s manly four. As you can see in the photo above, […]

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