Simpsons DLC Coming To PS4 Minecraft

Last February a special Simpsons-themed DLC pack became available to Minecraft players on XBox consoles (360 and One). But the exclusivity period is over and the pack will be coming to Sony consoles later this week. Here’s everyone you get: Homer Simpson Marge Simpson Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Maggie Simpson Principal Seymour Skinner Mrs. Edna […]

Simpsons Minecraft Skins Out Today

Start building that virtual Springfield now, because you’ve got some folks to populate it. Simpsons skins are now available for Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The pack costs $2.99 and features 24 skins, the Simpsons family and characters centering around Springfield Elementary. The pack may come to other platforms at a later date. […]

Simpsons Skins Coming to Minecraft on Xbox

The Simpsons may be way, way past their prime, but it’s still a nice treat to see them in blocky form as skins for Minecraft. The Simpson family and 19 other Springfield characters are coming to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game in late February. The pack will set you back […]

The Simpsons Get Blocky For a Minecraft Inspired Intro

The Simpsons will eventually get around to parodying everything, so this Sunday’s Minecraft intro was inevitable. What do you think of the execution? Personally, it’s a little weird, it looks like Minecraft but not exactly like Minecraft. Maybe like a strange, creepy Minecraft knockoff. I would have preferred to see it recreated using the Minecraft […]

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