Here’s Where Minecraft Ranked In The Top Bestselling Games Of 2015

Despite being a game you assume “everybody has,” Minecraft managed to make it to the Top 10 yet again. First in the NPD list for bestselling games of December, and second in the list of bestselling games for the entire year. The versions for both last-gen and current-gen versions of Playstation and XBox consoles were […]

Original Minecraft Clears 22 Million Copies Sold

The original Minecraft (the PC/Mac version) reached a new milestone over New Years’ weekend as the official counter of copies sold rolled over 22 million. According to Mojang, developers of the now-iconic block-building game, almost 14,500 copies of Minecraft have been sold in the last 24 hours alone. This is, of course, just the PC […]

Minecraft Sells 18 Million for PC

The Minecraft phenomenon continues to grow. Mojang revealed yesterday that they’ve now sold 18 million copies of the game for PC. Mojang’s Marc Watson revealed the news on his Twitter. Minecraft for PC passed 18 million sales today ­čś« — Marc Watson (@Marc_IRL) January 5, 2015 Not bad for what started as some Swedish guy’s […]

Minecraft is Now The Best-Selling PC Game of All Time

Minecraft recently passed 16 million copies sold, edging out Diablo III to become the best-selling PC game ever. Actually, as of the moment I’m posting this,┬á16,027,244 people have purchased the PC version of Minecraft, according to the game’s official counter.┬á17,276 bought it since yesterday. Pretty impressive for a game that started as a small indie […]

More People Now Own Minecraft on Console Than PC

Mojang recently announced that sales of the console versions of Minecraft have now outstripped PC and Mac. Despite having fewer features than the PC version, the console Minecraft editions have now sold more copies, Mojang’s ┬ádata analysis guy┬áPatrick Geuder Saga tweeted. “Minecraft console editions together just passed Minecraft for PC/Mac,” he said. “And across all […]

The PC Version of Minecraft Has Sold 15 Million Copies

Minecraft Creator┬áMarkus “Notch” Persson tweeted today that the original PC version of Minecraft had passed another huge sales record. “The original Minecraft has sold 15 million copies,” he wrote. “Time to celebrate!” Notch also included this picture, which features a thumbs up, a Red Bull, and some Minecraft toys in the background. The PC edition […]

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