A Minecraft Computer That’s So Complex it Might Overpower Your Actual Computer

Minecrafter xLPGx recently posted an update on their Minecraft Redstone computer that said it was so complex it was “starting to approach the limit of how much redstone even a powerful computer can handle.” We believe it. The project is a heck of simulation. The computer’s features include: 28 displays (40 if you count icons […]

10 Fun Redstone Traps to Try in Minecraft

BluE Redstone Productions brings us a new video aggregating 10 of the the newest, most fun Redstone traps to troll your friends with in Minecraft. To say his presentation is a bit muted is an understatement, but we’ll forgive it because of how cleanly all the traps are laid out. Neatness counts! Traps include a […]

Add Speech Bubbles To Characters With This Redstone Trick

Recabilly has worked up some really cool redstone magic to find a way to put speech bubbles over the heads of characters in Minecraft. His technique leads to some funny results, as you can put any saying in the device no matter how bizarre. Seinfeld references for-the-win! This feature would be perfect for an adventure […]

Virtual Ohio Stadium Has a Redstone Secret

Now this guy is a fan of the sportsballs. Although I spend my time huddled over computer monitors and controllers instead of in the outside place where the angry fire thing lives, I can appreciate the effort and enthusiasm that went into this recreation of the Ohio Stadium, home of The Ohio State Buckeyes. King […]

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