This New Dragon Quest Game Looks Awfully Familiar

Earlier in the month Square-Enix revealed that the next game to carry the Dragon Quest brand would be a spinoff called “Dragon Quest Builders.” Today they showed off three screenshots, the first glimpses anybody has ever gotten of the game. Stop me when this starts looking familiar to you. Yup….it’s definitely Minecraft, or as legally […]

New Lego Dimensions Trailers: Portal And Doctor Who

Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games have released two new trailers relating to their Lego-themed collision of various properties, much of them WB-owned, but in some cases not. These are two of the “not” cases: the BBC’s Doctor Who and Valve’s Portal. The Portal set and characters introduce a series of “tests” to Lego Dimensions. […]

Little Big Planet and Adventure Time Collide

Come on and grab your friends: Little Big Planet’s new Adventure Time themed DLC lets you go to distant lands. Sony has officially announced the merger between Cartoon Network’s crazy property and Sony’s crazy property. Now you’ll be able to create levels and areas right out of the show. The DLC will contain an exclusive […]

Today In Minecraft, Steve Is Joined By Alex

As of today, Mojang’s latest update to Minecraft on consoles will contain – -for the first time — a new central character. The original Minecraft character you control was never given a name and depicted vaguely enough to be interpreted as gender-neutral (Mojang’s intent). But eventually, as the game grew in popularity, a name for […]

Simpsons DLC Coming To PS4 Minecraft

Last February a special Simpsons-themed DLC pack became available to Minecraft players on XBox consoles (360 and One). But the exclusivity period is over and the pack will be coming to Sony consoles later this week. Here’s everyone you get: Homer Simpson Marge Simpson Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Maggie Simpson Principal Seymour Skinner Mrs. Edna […]

Minecraft ‘Horse’ Update Out on PS3 and Vita, Delayed for PS4

It’s more officially called Title Update 19, but we all know what the big draw is. Horses. Finally, for consoles. Unless you have a PS4, where you’ll have to do without equestrian events for a while longer. Title Update 19 was released last week for PS3 and Vita in North America as a Christmas Day […]

Minecraft Vita Out Oct. 14

It was originally supposed to release in August and was held back to fix bugs, but better late than never. Sony has confirmed that Minecraft will be out for PlayStation Vita on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, Oct. 14 in the U.S., with a retail version coming Nov. 11. The Vita version costs $19.99 and is […]

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