Working Game Boy Advance Built In Minecraft

A fully functional Game Boy Advance, running Pokemon Fire Red, has been constructed in Minecraft now. It won’t be long before cold fusion is achieved through this game. This is not a mod. Redditor Requag used lots and lots of structure blocks to get a version of Fire Red running in this universe. No easy […]

Someone Got Pokemon Red To Work In Minecraft, No Mod Needed

What I’m about to talk about isn’t an approximation of Pokemon in Minecraft, where you meet blocky monsters on the field and throw blocky Pokeballs at them. That kind of thing has been done before, anyway. What someone has now done is literally recreated the original Pokemon game in Minecraft. As in….a port of the […]

Pokemon Battles Now Possible In Vanilla Minecraft

Elements of Pokemon have been brought to Minecraft in the past, plenty of times. Watered-down versions of the game have been created in both the game’s vanilla form and with special mods. But no one has gone as far as Phoenix Projects, the creators of a project known as Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst. They aim […]

Pixelmon Puts Pokemon Into Minecraft

Nintendo will never officially allow Pokemon in Minecraft because they don’t own the game itself — Microsoft does. Luckily for the rest of us, there are a lot of modders out there with free will. Kotaku has called attention today to Pixelmon, a Minecraft mod that turns the game into something as close to the […]

Player Recreates Pokémon Battles in Vanilla Minecraft

Pokémon and Minecraft couldn’t be more different if they tried. Minecraft is all about creating your own worlds, your own gameplay and doing what you will. Pokémon is a relatively linear JRPG that’s all about exploring a world that’s made for you and finding rare things that the developers have left in the world. But […]

All 151 Original Pokémon Made in Minecraft

Redditor QueenMercury recently recreated each and every original Pokémon in Minecraft. This includes their evolutions because of course, why not. Got to build them all, I guess. QueenMercury built the Pokémon by hand in Creative Mode, eyeballing the colors. The builds varied in time. It took between about half an hour for simple Pokémon like […]

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