New Minecraft Story Mode Trailer, Hollywood Premiere Announced

Minecraft Story Mode, the new Minecraft spinoff created by Telltale Games, will be for sale in less than two weeks. Well…one-fifth of it will be for sale. If you’ve never played a Telltale game before, they usually divide their releases into chapters and release them one chunk at a time. How will this work with […]

Minecraft Sells 500,000 on PlayStation Platforms in Japan

It appears that Minecraft fever has caught on in Japan. Sony has confirmed a report that it has sold 500,000 digital copies of Minecraft on PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita. Japan is a country where handheld gaming figures heavily, so 200,000 of those copies were sold on Vita since its October release on that platform, […]

Minecraft ‘Horse’ Update Out on PS3 and Vita, Delayed for PS4

It’s more officially called Title Update 19, but we all know what the big draw is. Horses. Finally, for consoles. Unless you have a PS4, where you’ll have to do without equestrian events for a while longer. Title Update 19 was released last week for PS3 and Vita in North America as a Christmas Day […]

Celebrate PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary With Four Cool Minecraft Maps

This month, it’s been 20 years since the first PlayStation was released in Japan. What better way to celebrate than by checking out some really cool Minecraft maps based on some of the PlayStation’s biggest hits? Four maps were created for a contest, which you can find out more about here. According to Kotaku the […]

Halloween Texture Pack Comes to PlayStation a Little Late, or Really Early, Depending on How You Look at It

It’s just about three weeks since Halloween, but if you’re still feeling in the spirit, 4J Studios has announced on Twitter that the free Minecraft Halloween texture pack that appeared on Xbox systems before Halloween is now available for all PlayStation systems. 4J had a sense of humor about announcing the late pack. This is […]

PlayStation Getting Minecraft Skyrim Mashup DLC

Mojang has confirmed that PlayStation platforms will get access to the Minecraft Skyrim Mashup DLC soon. “It is going to be cool really awesome and we think it is really cool to continue the co-operation with Bethesda,” Mojang told IGN. “Don’t have a release date but we’re working on it as fast as we possibly […]

Minecraft Vita Out Oct. 14

It was originally supposed to release in August and was held back to fix bugs, but better late than never. Sony has confirmed that Minecraft will be out for PlayStation Vita on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, Oct. 14 in the U.S., with a retail version coming Nov. 11. The Vita version costs $19.99 and is […]

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