This New Dragon Quest Game Looks Awfully Familiar

Earlier in the month Square-Enix revealed that the next game to carry the Dragon Quest brand would be a spinoff called “Dragon Quest Builders.” Today they showed off three screenshots, the first glimpses anybody has ever gotten of the game. Stop me when this starts looking familiar to you. Yup….it’s definitely Minecraft, or as legally […]

Little Big Planet and Adventure Time Collide

Come on and grab your friends: Little Big Planet’s new Adventure Time themed DLC lets you go to distant lands. Sony has officially announced the merger between Cartoon Network’s crazy property and Sony’s crazy property. Now you’ll be able to create levels and areas right out of the show. The DLC will contain an exclusive […]

PlayStation 4 Minecraft Out Today

Although the Xbox One version of Minecraft was announced as coming out first, it looks like the PlayStation 4 version is going to beat it to the punch. Sony announced the PS4 version will be out today, Sept. 4, with the Xbox One version following Sept. 5. You can download the new games from the […]

Minecraft PS4 Finished

PlayStation 4 gamers can begin excitedly jumping up and down now. 4J Studios, the company behind the console ports of Minecraft, said on Twitter that the PlayStation 4 version is done. Finito. Ready-to-go. “We’ve handed Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition over to Sony for final test!” the studio tweeted, along with the snazzy picture above featuring […]

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