Lego Dimensions’ Second Wave Is Simply Nuts

Disney recently gave up on their toy-to-game product Disney Infinity. Their rivals at WB Interactive are more than eager to take that market share, and they’ll pull it off with ease if this new trailer is any indication. Lego Dimensions is adding 16 new properties to its library throughout 2016. Look at this newly released […]

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode Six Arrives June 7

Today Telltale Games and Mojang formally announced the sixth chapter of Minecraft Story Mode — out of a planned five! We’re getting three extra chapters, hooray! The only downside is that they aren’t covered by the original package’s sticker price, and will have to be bought separately. This one will feature special guest appearances from […]

US Release Confirmed For Dragon Quest Builders

Square-Enix confirmed today that Dragon Quest Builders would be published in the Western market. This is not a main Dragon Quest game, but a side spinoff that borrows just about everything from Minecraft. They released a new trailer too: What’s most interesting about this game is the manner in which they’ve tied it to the […]

Order Up Episode 5 Of Minecraft: Story Mode Today

The fifth and what-would-have-been final chapter of Minecraft: Story Mode should be downloadable as you read this. To call attention to this fact, Telltale Games has put forth both the new trailer below and the press release that follows. Don’t forget that after this is over, you get three more chapters! However, you’ll have to […]

Little Big Planet Becomes Absorbent, Yellow And Porous

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Sony’s living-sack-based open-world creativity tool, but here’s something. A new expansion pack for Little Big Planet 3 has been revealed that adds Spongebob Squarepants and the crew of Bikini Bottom to the game. The $5.99 pack includes costumes for Spongebob, Patrick, Gary the Snail, Mr. Krabs and […]

Minecraft Story Mode Shall Continue Beyond Episode 5

Surprise! There was more to the Minecraft Story Mode narrative than Telltale Games originally thought. First planned to be just five episodes long, Telltale has announced the production of at least three additional chapters, bringing the total to eight. And from there, who knows? What would have been the final chapter is about to be […]

Here’s Where Minecraft Ranked In The Top Bestselling Games Of 2015

Despite being a game you assume “everybody has,” Minecraft managed to make it to the Top 10 yet again. First in the NPD list for bestselling games of December, and second in the list of bestselling games for the entire year. The versions for both last-gen and current-gen versions of Playstation and XBox consoles were […]

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