Mojang Releases Surprise New Game, For Free

Mojang may be the creator of one of the most successful games of all time, but it’s not all they’re about. They do work on other titles from time to time, case in point. They just released a new game right now, and it’s free! Available right now on Steam, it’s a strategy game called […]

Order Up Episode 5 Of Minecraft: Story Mode Today

The fifth and what-would-have-been final chapter of Minecraft: Story Mode should be downloadable as you read this. To call attention to this fact, Telltale Games has put forth both the new trailer below and the press release that follows. Don’t forget that after this is over, you get three more chapters! However, you’ll have to […]

Minecraft Story Mode Shall Continue Beyond Episode 5

Surprise! There was more to the Minecraft Story Mode narrative than Telltale Games originally thought. First planned to be just five episodes long, Telltale has announced the production of at least three additional chapters, bringing the total to eight. And from there, who knows? What would have been the final chapter is about to be […]

Microsoft Using Minecraft To Train AI

If you never thought the agent of the apocalypse would be Minecraft, then you should have listened to your grandparents who have been saying it all along. Microsoft is currently running experiments with artificial intelligence to see if it can learn and adapt through playing Minecraft. Called Project AIX, the plan is to turn on […]

How Would Minecraft Look Rendered In Unreal 4? Like This

Coder John Alcatraz has created a Minecraft demo, “Infinite Voxel World,” running in Unreal Engine 4. It only has the most basic of mechanics functional, but it works. And, as Alcatraz tells it, it became Minecraft completely by accident. While it’s looking similar to Minecraft, my intention was not to create a game similar to […]

Minecrafter Creates Exact Replica Of Disney Cruise Ship

You can pay hundreds of dollars for the right to visit a cruise ship owned by a major entertainment conglomerate, and risk picking the one week where a nasty virus spreads throughout the ship, or you can visit a Disney Cruise Ship in Minecraft and save your money and health. The visuals may be significantly […]

Could Minecraft Mods Be Incompatible With Future Releases?

Minecraft: Education Edition was revealed last week by Microsoft. It was based on MinecraftEdu, an unofficial third-party modification that was eventually adopted and endorsed by Mojang. But if Microsoft hadn’t stepped in and took the reins, it’s possible that MinecraftEdu could have been rendered unfunctional in the future. Here’s the deal: Minecraft: Education Edition is […]

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