Nice! Minecraft’s About To Get A PvP Battle Mode

This is some cool news: very soon, it will be possible to fight your friends in duels that take place in the Minecraft world. Minecraft manager Jaime Lymon described it like so: “Battle allows you to set up a competitive multiplayer fight for survival, where speed, strategy- and sometimes just pure luck- will make you […]

Look Out China, Here Comes Minecraft

Mojang announced today that a major milestone in Minecraft history was about to be achieved: the game would be making its official debut in China. Minecraft will enter the growing Chinese market for the first time through a licensing agreement with the company NetEase Inc., which will be selling the Pocket and PC versions of […]

The Gear VR Version Of Minecraft Is Coming Out….Now

Mojang is just full of surprises, aren’t they? They announced a version of Minecraft for the Samsung Gear VR would be a reality sometime in 2016, but they didn’t say when. Now, without any prior warning or announcement, here it is. It’s available today! Granted, this news will affect very little of you, given the […]

Mojang Releases Surprise New Game, For Free

Mojang may be the creator of one of the most successful games of all time, but it’s not all they’re about. They do work on other titles from time to time, case in point. They just released a new game right now, and it’s free! Available right now on Steam, it’s a strategy game called […]

if You Want Tickets To Minecon, You’ll Get Just Two Chances

Minecon, the largest Minecraft-specific convention in the US, has grown dramatically since its inception, yet still remains the same size. Only a limited amount of tickets will be available for the event in Florida, which happens in September. The tickets in question will go on sale in May. And you’ll have just two days to […]

Here Are Images From A Cancelled Minecraft Comic Book

It might’ve happened, but then it didn’t. At one point (specifically 2013) Mojang was interested in producing a Minecraft comic book series. The project was spearheaded by writer Brandon Sheffield, who worked on concept pages off and on for about three years. The main artist was Zac Gorman, who now works on the Rick & […]

As Of Update 1.9, Combat Is Different In Minecraft

Until now, fighting in Minecraft was as simple as the repeated press of a button, but Mojang has now spiced that up. The new Update 1.9 adds a “cool-down” period for sword strikes, meaning you can’t just whack at things — you’ll need a battle strategy now. You’ll have help — players will be able […]

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