If You’re Using Minecraft To Sell Something, Stop That Now

In an effort to cut down on the amount of Minecraft mods that serve as little more than spam, Mojang is enacting some new anti-commercial rules that forbid third parties from offering ad-related mods or using Minecraft footage in their advertising. Mojang’s Owen Hill came forth with his Two Commandments this morning. Thou shalt not: […]

Someone Got Pokemon Red To Work In Minecraft, No Mod Needed

What I’m about to talk about isn’t an approximation of Pokemon in Minecraft, where you meet blocky monsters on the field and throw blocky Pokeballs at them. That kind of thing has been done before, anyway. What someone has now done is literally recreated the original Pokemon game in Minecraft. As in….a port of the […]

Mod Turns Minecart Ride Into Psychedelic Trip

Here’s an impressive video taken from the perspective of a Minecraft minecart. YouTube user BruceKnowsHow could have just made a simple rollercoaster track, but he felt he had to go above and beyond. He installed mods that distorted, twisted and blurred the landscape as you zoomed past it, and he timed certain graphical effects (like […]

Face Front, True Believers, For the MarvelCraft Mod

A few official Marvel skins packs are out there for Minecraft, of course, but this very much unofficial MarvelCraft mod seeks to completely “Marvelize” the Minecraft experience. You wanna wear Spider-Man’s costume. OK. Wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir? Let’s do it. You can even mine for Adamanium ore. The mod also has two unique biomes, the […]

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