If You’re Using Minecraft To Sell Something, Stop That Now

In an effort to cut down on the amount of Minecraft mods that serve as little more than spam, Mojang is enacting some new anti-commercial rules that forbid third parties from offering ad-related mods or using Minecraft footage in their advertising. Mojang’s Owen Hill came forth with his Two Commandments this morning. Thou shalt not: […]

Nice! Minecraft’s About To Get A PvP Battle Mode

This is some cool news: very soon, it will be possible to fight your friends in duels that take place in the Minecraft world. Minecraft manager Jaime Lymon described it like so: “Battle allows you to set up a competitive multiplayer fight for survival, where speed, strategy- and sometimes just pure luck- will make you […]

Look Out China, Here Comes Minecraft

Mojang announced today that a major milestone in Minecraft history was about to be achieved: the game would be making its official debut in China. Minecraft will enter the growing Chinese market for the first time through a licensing agreement with the company NetEase Inc., which will be selling the Pocket and PC versions of […]

Making Minecraft Videos? Best To Avoid The Mario Mash-Up

The Minecraft Mario Mash-Up add-on was recently made available to all Wii U Minecrafters, free of charge. Perhaps because they’ll be paying another way? Reports have started coming in of Mario-related Minecraft videos being tagged on YouTube with copyright claims by Nintendo. The unlucky ones who get this tag have a choice: either take the […]

All Things Super Mario Coming To Minecraft — Officially

Today Nintendo announced the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack is coming to the Wii U version of Minecraft. This update adds 40 new Super Mario-themed skins encompassing characters from across the Mushroom Kingdom, including all seven Koopalings and probably Petey Piranha somewhere. (Don’t give your hopes up for Geno; you’ll have to create him from scratch.) […]

Minecraft For XBox One Getting New Physical Version

Microsoft already sells a physical version of the XBox One Minecraft, but they’ll be revising it soon. Next month the “Minecraft Favorites Pack” will be arriving in stores, containing the seven best-selling add-ons for that version of the game. New players will get 120 skins instantly upon disc-boot, for just $30. Barebones Minecraft for XBone […]

THIS Is A Minecraft Map, No Fooling

Believe it or not, this incredibly gorgeous and detailed landmass was created with Minecraft blocks. Many, many, many Minecraft blocks. The map’s full name is “Phain, Or Game Board Of The Ancients.” It was created by Darastlix, who’s made a few other stunning Minecraft maps before — this is his sixth. This aerial view shows […]

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