Mod Turns Minecart Ride Into Psychedelic Trip

Here’s an impressive video taken from the perspective of a Minecraft minecart. YouTube user BruceKnowsHow could have just made a simple rollercoaster track, but he felt he had to go above and beyond. He installed mods that distorted, twisted and blurred the landscape as you zoomed past it, and he timed certain graphical effects (like […]

Take a Wild Ride on This Indiana Jones-Themed Minecraft Coaster

It’s a scientifically established fact that the best part of 1984’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is that crazy part where everyone is riding minecarts and fighting each other. That scene singlehandedly made minecarts, which in reality are drab, dirty and dangerous wheeled buckets for hauling rock and coal in, cool, and hundreds […]

30,000 Kilometer Minecraft Minecart Ride Reaches Its End

Watch live video from JL2579 on Twitch   It took  JL2579 17 days to make it, but he has finally ridden his Minecart the length of an entire Minecraft World, about 30,000 kilometers. After riding for so long with to relaxing music, JL2579 finally reached the Farlands and got out for a victory celebration and […]

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