Microsoft Introduces The Minecraft XBox One Bundle

Minecraft is playable on plenty of devices, but Microsoft is the only console-making company to turn that into a selling point (most likely because they own the whole thing). A special XBox One S just went on sale today in North America that bundles everything Minecraft on XBox with an XBox One S. It’s called […]

Minecraft Coming To Oculus Rift Very Soon Now

Yesterday the Windows 10 version of Minecraft turned one year old. Today Mojang announced this version of the game would be getting Oculus Rift support within the next few weeks. “This morning we celebrated the first anniversary of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta,” said Jesse Merriam of Mojang, “Since the Windows 10 Edition released last […]

Minecraft Story Mode Sale Ranges From 50% Off To Free

Microsoft is running one doozy of a Minecraft Story Mode sale. If you still haven’t started Telltale’s blocky storyline, MS will give you the first chapter completely free. Now through July 29, Microsoft is giving out Minecraft Story Mode Chapter 1 on PC for zero dollars, and throwing in a Minecraft map, four months of […]

Minecraft For XBox One Getting New Physical Version

Microsoft already sells a physical version of the XBox One Minecraft, but they’ll be revising it soon. Next month the “Minecraft Favorites Pack” will be arriving in stores, containing the seven best-selling add-ons for that version of the game. New players will get 120 skins instantly upon disc-boot, for just $30. Barebones Minecraft for XBone […]

Minecraft VR Demoed At Press Event

Microsoft and Oculus held a press event yesterday inviting journalists to try out a virtual reality version of Minecraft on an upcoming VR device, the Gear VR. To be clear, this isn’t the version of Minecraft being made for Microsoft’s HoloLens — those are a different type of glasses and a different type of experience. […]

Microsoft Using Minecraft To Train AI

If you never thought the agent of the apocalypse would be Minecraft, then you should have listened to your grandparents who have been saying it all along. Microsoft is currently running experiments with artificial intelligence to see if it can learn and adapt through playing Minecraft. Called Project AIX, the plan is to turn on […]

Minecraft’s Windows 10 Update Is Out Today

Microsoft announced today that Mojang’s first big update to the popular Minecraft game in the year 2016 is downloadable now. This is the one with witches in it, remember? Unfortunately the update only applies to the Windows 10 and mobile versions, with no word from the big company as to when this stuff will appear […]

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